Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Every Day Gifts

I know I talk a lot about how they drive me crazy and what I can’t do and have because of them. But I’d like to take some time to talk about what I do have because my cats are in my life; laughter, sheer joy, unconditional love, companionship to name a few. There are countless ways they give these things to me. And as we’re now in the season for giving and are approaching the Christmas holiday, I think about the things I’m grateful for and how my kitties are my every day gifts.

When they’re sleeping and I kiss them, they curl their toes…one of my favorites. When I’m sleeping on my bed they bookend me and keep me warm, sometimes purring in my ear. I love how they get crazy before or during a storm. They’re both nuts and not one bit afraid of thunder or lightning. When a storm gets really bad I actually have to close the windows, otherwise they’d stay in the windowsill and get completely drenched if I’d let them. I love how they wrestle and run around the house, their feet sliding on the floor and their nails clicking as they round a corner.

Lacey loves it when I have music on. I pick her up in my arms and dance around the house with her. She loves dancing and there’s certain music she loves the most like Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga, she goes running through the house singing along with it. You’d think she wouldn’t like it since she hardly likes to be held. Other than dancing, she’s so squirmy she’s like Houdini in a straight jacket. They love going downstairs to visit my parents, they think it’s a treat. Mostly they’re adventure is to go sniffing around each and every room, the heck with visiting; it’s a whole new world down there. There are a lot of things they used to do that I miss (and a lot that I don’t, LOL). They used to love to go nuts playing with a ping pong ball in the bathtub. It kept them amused for at least a half an hour at a time and completely wore them out. They used to go racing around the apartment until I thought one of them would surely pass out. Sometimes they still play so hard if I happen to be downstairs, it sounds just like they’re moving furniture.

Lacey used to do back flips when I’d throw a ball or a toy, jumping at least four feet in the air. I love how Lacey will be chattering at me and suddenly have to yawn in the middle of it. While she’s yawning her ears go back and her eyes roll all over the place like a cartoon. She’s my little cuckoo and a lot of her actions resemble a cartoon. Speaking of cartoons, Finnegan loves to watch them and will sit in front of the TV with his head following each movement across the screen; up, down, back and forth. Finney is a big boy (Maine Coon, 17 lbs), but has the tiniest meow. He tries so hard to meow loudly and he’s unfortunately getting better at it, LOL. If I’m sad for any reason and maybe shedding some tears, he’ll come over, cozy up with me and lick my face as if to say “It’s okay mommy, I’m here”. Those are the moments I treasure so much with them. They are my comic relief, my entertainment, my pride and joy and my most of all they are the loves of my life. They give me daily headbonks, they are my purring machines and cuddle monsters, they are my every day gifts and I cherish each and every thing about them. During this holiday season when I am opening my presents, in the back of my mind I’ll think “I’ve already got the best presents in the world, the love of my cats”.


Tigger Tales said...

I love the way my boy Marmelade "flops" over onto my lap when he wants attention, and the way my baby girl Midge head bonks me. I also love the way my sweet girl Pippin stares deeply into my eyes, and the way my Sebastian rolls over to have his tummy rubbed!

IBDKitties said...

Oooh! I forgot about tummy rubs! Lacey LOVES tummy rubs.

Anonymous said...

You are so correct. My kitties have been my whole world for the past 18 years. Except now that Topaz is no longer here and just his brother Idoms, I am still so grateful every single day for having them in my life. In fact my life has revolved around them and they have always come first. The unconditional love, humor, entertainment, companionship has been a critical part of my life. Having my "children" around me has kept me mentally motivated in that everything I do I do to take care of them.

When I rescued these two brothers from the flat plains of Oklahoma I knew that I wanted to be committed to them for how ever long the good Lord would bless me with their presence. And he has for all this time. Even with both cats' illnesses they have always been the best thing that ever happened to me. I know everyday how blessed I am.

These feral cats have never given me a hard time. They have never been difficult. They never tore anything or broke anything with any of their antics! They have been so good, affectionate, loving, kind, intelligent, playful, funny and my pride and joy.

Now that Idoms is older and ill he does not play anymore. But I remember that at 11:00 pm every evening he and I would play "chase the mouse". I would throw his little toy mouse down the long hallway and he would run after it. When he got to it he would pick it up in his mouth, shake it several times, then put it down next to him. He would look me in the eye way down the hall as if to say, "okay now throw it the other way so I can run after it again." So I would walk to him, pick up the mouse and throw it back the other way down the hallway. Again he would run after it and pick it up in his mouth, shake it and then put it down. And we would repeat this again and again for well over an hour. So for many years I never got to bed until midnight because of our night time ritual. I miss this, but am so thankful and grateful I had this for years.

Now that Idoms is older, the same time span is spent with him cuddling close to me on the bed and me stroking and petting him.He puts his little head on the pillow, lays on his side facing me and lets me stroke and pet him for about an hour. He paws me if I stop, something his brother used to do all the time. So when this happens I continue to pet and stroke until he is content. Topaz would paw me also if I stopped and when I continued he would purr continually to show his contentment. With Idoms, he has never purred but he "schrills" when he is content.

I still speak to Idoms even though he is totally deaf. I believe he hears me. And to get closer to me Idoms will climb onto my chest and lay his head against my neck to snuggle close to me while I talk to him, stroke and pet him.

I have never taken my cats for granted. From the first moment I saw them I knew they were a gift from G-d. And G-d has blessed me with their unconditional love for more years than I thought would be possible. Yes I am truly blessed. Idoms is the love of my life and I cherish and love him every moment that I breathe. I felt the same with his brother Topaz. My kitties have brought out the best in me and I will and have done everything for them.
I have received them as presents from G-d and am totally aware of this each and every day.

They have been my bed partners for all these years, have licked my face due to contentment, pulled my hair for attention, snuggle under my arm to keep me warm and cozy or lay on top of my head so that I can hear their hearts pounding and their soft breathing which has become a wonderful melody to me in my sleep.

Loving my cats seems so simple and effortless. They have given so much not expecting anything in return. The words to express how I feel are not adequate for my feelings because my feelings are just too great and deep to really be verbalized. My kitties are pure and wonderful and my miracles. Yes, I am truly blessed.

IBDKitties said...

Wonderfully said!

Teachbam said...

I love the last reply. Yes, there are no actual words to express how much I love my two.
I miss my Natasha and Ben but memories of them are my treasures. Juliette and Alex will curl up next to me in bed and rest so peacefully. I love the way Alex will turn onto me in bed and place his head on my chest to give him chin rubs. I love the way that the two of them will wrestle and then stop to groom each other. Juliette, my sweet kitten, will play catch and run with such vigor. I can't forget when she would throw the ball downstairs and run after it for at least one hour. She is one entertaining sweetie. We are grateful to have them both and to have them in good health. You must enjoy each moment with them because you never know when it may be time for them or yourself.
Appreciate the moments and times.

WeBeesSiamese said...

I love it wen they exasperate me in some way...then they will look at me as if to say 'Who ME?' Then they come up to me for a headbonk and a lot of purrs and cuddles.

I love how they are the inspection/quality control agents here..they stick their little schnoots into every bag/box that comes through the door...and of course all empty ones are theirs!

I love em to the max...for all they are, and even for what they are not...and Pipo is the biggest fan of his Daddy, and the master of extracting belly rubs from him...he reserves that ritual for daddy...sigh...well sometimes I have the honor, and I love that!

I love the singing mews that Minko does when he has a mousie. Sounds like a teeny kitten! MOL!

Any kitty lover could fill up reams of text with their love ideas! We are no exception, MOL!

IBDKitties said...

"you never know when it may be time for them or yourself". That quote means especially so much right now given what just happened in Connecticut. My heart is so broken for those poor people. Yes, appreciate the moments we have that make us smile, laugh and love.

IBDKitties said...

You make me smile with visions of them! They sound so delightful and special and you make me laugh just thinking about them saying "who me"? Don't all cats know how to say that well? MOL

IBDKitties said...

My friend Stacy tried to post this and for some reason couldn't, so I'll post it for her:

A pedigreed 4 month old girl who knew she was beautiful and who would cry when I cried, taught me "you are never alone as long as you share your home and heart with...just a cat." - We shared so much, and matured together...When our time together ended I cried with a heartbreak stronger than any I had ever felt before in my life. Body wracking sobs for "just a cat."

An 8 week old *tan-toed* outside born farm girl who didn't look like any of her siblings, played like a woman possessed, climbed my curtains, and grew into an affectionate older lady who thought all food needed to be "Sneezeoned". From her I learned that "two cats are better than one." "If you itch and can't reach it - it's ok to ask someone to help." "It's ok to not know who your dad was - pedigrees can show you lineage - but not the amount of love a heart can hold." - Big lessons from "just a cat."

A 3-4 year old classic tabby girl whose parentage was completely unknown showed me the joy and importance of adopting an adult shelter cat. That first feeling of "It is not I who improved your life, but you who have improved mine" came from "just a cat" In our short time together she showed me a depth of patience and forgiveness that I had rarely seen before. It took some time to earn her trust, to have her forgive and forget that people had previously hurt her. A cat who was scared of so many things, but who knew that her present was not her past - opened her heart and loved with her whole being. "Just a cat" showed me behaviors that I will try for the rest of my life to emulate.

A 2 year old skinny, wormy, un-neutered, and unwanted mackerel tabby boy courageously asked me for food and attention then walked into our home as if he *belonged* there - He did! "Just a cat" awakened the animal activist in me. With each pound he gained, nearly doubling his weight, each animal issue crystallized within me. I had always known about the pet overpopulation problem, the need for spaying & neutering, and how irresponsible animal guardians viewed their furry friend as *disposable.* but it took "just a cat" to get me to speak out passionately about all these things. He led to my advocacy for all animals and was the first to show us that we could manage and would in the future need three cats to complete our family. I admire his willful independent personality, his loyalty and love too.

A 3 year old calico girl who had been born with a *defect* and a sweet disposition sat in a cage at an adoption event, hoping to finally get her forever home. We weren't looking for another cat, but when buying catnip, we were caught looking at her and heard that she was having trouble finding her forever home, I knew I wanted her home to be ours. It was "just a cat" who demonstrated to me the need to look beyond the physical and that capability, perfect beauty and sweetness were traits that all truly come from inside not the outside. She has never asked for or wanted pity and she doesn't need any. As capable as a cat with four good legs, she just wants to be warm, safe and loved. She has our heartfelt promise that she will be.

A months old cameo, fluffy, furry Tennessee girl walked her starving, emaciated self up to a family who could help her. All the while amazing everyone who met her with her will to live and her sweetness. That family brought her back to health. About a year later she paid back their kindness and help. It was this girl "just a cat" who helped two families. Her saving family and ours. It was "just a cat" who showed me the deep and true meanings of friendship and community when other Catster Mommies all came together to bring her home to us! It is "just a cat" who in the "love story" that is her life has touched so many hearts and helped to heal mine.

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing... I am now crying tears of happiness for you, and the thoughts I have about my own kitties. :)

Anonymous said...

My kitties are the love of my life. I love all of your stories and I cherish every day with them as they all get older--every moment is precious. From the way my Nuggie hops down the stairs (we call her the little horsy, she is also nicknamed "our lobster" because she forgets everything) to our Fastball who loves to plop down and show herself upside down as the epitome of cuteness. BlackJack coos when he wants attention and is playing and Mr. Orange does his trick of jumping up in our arms and wrapping his paws around our necks in a hug. I also remember all my kitty angels who have left us here but are waiting for us...Tiger (who would curl up and sleep with you), Mewski (who always had his cute pink tongue hanging out), Mel (who meowed as soon as you came home and wouldn't be quiet until she got her dinner!) and BK (who loved herself some tissue paper)!
Carol Myers

IBDKitties said...

Oh Carol, they sound so ADORABLE!!! I love the hugging around the neck. How sweet! That would melt me in a heartbeat. and hopping down the stairs, LOL. So cute.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

this post haza nothin ta due with yur post but heer it iz:

A veree merree Christmas, ta all R pals far N wide

“Time for me ta takez a brake” de Eazter bunnee cried

hope de dood in red, brings ya everything ya wish

hope ya don’t wakez up, ta stoooopid burd in yur dish

over heer in trout towne, we shirlee will be jammin

noe chowin down on turkee, wee bee feastin on salmon

salmon salmon… feastin on salmon

sing long everee one… wee bee feastin on salmon

make sure ya eat sum pie, cookieez… Christmas cake

stay way frum BURD, for de love oh God’s sake

coz memburr it don’t matter, bee ewe boy ore gurl

if ya eat de burd, yur shirlee gonna hurl

pork chops N steaks, even sum burger N friez

bee WAY better N burd, we canna tell noe lies

salmon salmon… feastin on salmon

sing long everee one…wee bee feastin on salmon

sew a trooly merree Christmas, happee mew yeer two

we wish ya health N happiness, de yeer long thru

heerz ta treetz n toys, fore get de brush N comb

ta all R shelter pals, hope ya get yur for ever home

thanx for bein R pals, we bee trooly blessed

we luvz ewe one N all, R pals be de BEST

salmon salmon… feastin on salmon

sing long everee one… wee bee feastin on salmon

luvz frum boomer, dai$y, tuna N sauce & gram paw dude two

Carol said...

What can I add that hasn't been said already? I love the huggies and the purrs and the wild rampages through the house. I love Samsara's midnight meezer-singfest yowls. I love knowing how happy she is to be carrying around that mousie and singing to it. And registered kitty nurse, Colette, who needs so much and gives so much in return. I love her clown routines on the days she's feeling well. And I love knowing there isn't a day that goes by without her telling me thank you for rescuing me in so many little ways.

Michele said...

What I cherish most about my Chiquitita is her fierce spirit. We have now made two international moves together, and I can not imagine having done it alone. On our first night in the new country, when I am thinking; "what have I DONE?!?," she climbs onto my lap, touches my face as if to say; "don't worry, I'll take care of you." She has fought, and won, a battle with two life threatening illnesses, she is not afraid to let me know her mind, and above all, she the one who cuddles and purrs and protects me from the "things that go bump in the night"...ok, so those are mostly her getting on and off the bed...

IBDKitties said...

I'm so glad you have your babies Carol, as I type this Finnegan is teasing the pants off me by scratching the chair because he can't stand me on the computer, LOL. My little brat, how I love him.

IBDKitties said...

Your Chiqui is a super hero Michele! She's amazing and so are you!

Me said...

I love my Bibi and my Meep totally. I am a crazy about cats lady and proud of it.

Bibi because she is such a sweet girl and has come so far in opening up to me, from starting as a huddled up shape in the corner of the room to sitting on my lap and watching tv. I love how she shares herself and is the guard cat in the window. Even my upstairs neighbor who is mostly a dog person loves how she watches out for her every day. And how would I ever wake up on time for work without Bibi's purrs and kisses?

And Meep. We bonded when Meep was a tiny tot and I became his world for a few tough weeks when he was alone and I went to work. But then we adopted Bibi and Meep forgave me. I mean, really, he did. He was a wild boy and filled with naughtiness, but really just boy cat crazies and I loved all of them. I look at the scratch marks on some of my furniture and I remember his antics as a kit. And now he is a big grown up cat who is baby at heart. He naps on me every night and is my investigative reporter, sniffing and snooping everything. There are no closed doors with Meep around. He is a pesterooni and I love him for it

IBDKitties said...

I love Meep and Bibi's names, I always have. They sound like so much fun. Lacey is also my guard kitty and will even growl at the sounds of someone coming up the stairs. LOL