Thursday, December 27, 2012

Playing It Safe

Safety is the first priority when you have a human child. So why shouldn’t it be when you have a fur child as well? Lately I’m seeing a disturbing trend of horrific pet deaths due to safety issues. In the last two weeks alone I’ve seen two cats in forums die due to being stuck inside a clothes drier. Leaving the doors open to appliances is asking for trouble as cats are always looking for a little hideaway spot. If your cats have access to your washer and/or dryer, always check inside before turning them on.

Believe it or not, your cat climbing the curtains is not just bad for the curtain; it can be deadly for your cat. In one forum I read of a cat yanking down the curtains while the mom was in another room. Unfortunately that kitty was hit very hard on the head with the curtain rod and didn’t make it. If you have a cat or kitten that likes to climb curtains, try to break them of the habit by getting a kitty condo or high cat tree for them to climb instead. If this is not enough of a deterrent, think about getting shorter curtains, tying them back so they cannot easily be ripped down, or hanging only valances at the top so they can’t be reached. Don’t forget about blind cords as well. It doesn’t take much for a cat to want to play with a stringy blind cord; I don’t want to think of what could happen if they get tangled in it.

Don’t forget about electrical wires. Pets love chewing on wires so it’s best to hide them as much as possible. You can use some bitter spray they sell especially for pets as well as a plastic cord cover. You can get those at any Radio Shack, Walmart, Target, etc. While we’re talking about chewing things make sure to keep people foods out of their reach as so many of them are either toxic or unsafe. Dogs are likely to grab anything they can get their mitts on and cats are forever curious and can jump up on the counters doing the old snatch, grab and run.

Be sure to use safe cleaning products as most things we use are highly toxic to them and their livers are not capable of filtering those toxins out. I only clean with vinegar and water now; it kills germs just as well as bleach and is non-toxic. As far as my furniture goes, I wash them down with a soapy sponge and dry with a microfiber cloth afterwards. I don’t trust furniture polish getting on their paws and coats, especially when they’ll lick it all off. Make sure if your cat likes to jump on the counter tops and especially the stove tops when you aren’t around that the burners are shut off and cooled down if you’ve recently used it. If your cat is indoor/outdoor, don't use pesticides in your garden or lawn. Try using something organic instead, there are plenty of websites with ideas on what to use.

Just like having a baby around you need to understand that your pet does not know the difference between safe and dangerous. It’s a big responsibility having a pet and one that should not be taken lightly. They are like children and need us to guide them and keep them safe. Always be aware of that, no matter what you’re doing. Being extra careful could save the life of your pet. 


WeBeesSiamese said...

Appliances? Always closed unless using them...Minko likes to get in there when the dryer opens...he thinks the warm contents are just fur him, MOL!
Curtains...tied up and looking ugly...for many years... blinds...don't have them...
Wires? Oh they are not kitty toys, worms or snakes?? Our dudes like the thin wires with ear buds...but they just chew through them...and render them useless, so that we have to pay attention to them and not the music on the devices...somehow we have been spared other issues with cords...phew!
Counter surfers? Yup, Meowmy learned that lesson with Groucho of old...he liked to find the packages of homemade bread...Meowmy thought it was mice, Groucho sure was a big mouse!!

Meowmy used vinegar, plain, undiluted on counters and other surfaces in her job, many years kills germs even!
Its good to shine up a lot of things...and you can even get organic ones.

Pets are like children, indeed...but they nevfur grow up, MOL!


IBDKitties said...

MOL! Now that's a true statement if I ever heard one.

Me said...

Thanks for the safety report. A good reminder and furry educational.

And let's not furget the plastic bags, plastic wrapping and plastic peanuts that many kitties (including and especially my Meep)loves loves loves to chew on that are not digestable. And the twisties that come on packages of bread and the twisties from the grocery with little wires inside that some folks give to their cats as toys. Also very not digestable, potentially very harmful.

IBDKitties said...

Those are GREAT tips! Forgot all about plastic, the peanuts and stuff like that. I let mine play with pipe cleaners but ONLY when I'm present. Otherwise they go back in the drawer. Always put away toys that need to be supervised to play with.

da tabbies o trout towne said...

meowloz finn lacey N alex...pleez ta add thoze wet floor kleenin products....if uz kittehs walk across de floor when its wet then lick R out....R mom made uz stay in de bak room onze for an HOUR til her new de floor wuz dry...her said that wuz nuts...we did two...just use soap N water food service purrson ....

hay...thanx for de tips and haza grate week oh end

lillito said...

I have taken all the knobs off the stove and oven for the past few years--ever since I saw Pru jump up and turn on the gas cooktop with her paw. She nearly set her floofy self on fire.

IBDKitties said...

OMG! How scary! Thank goodness you were there when it happened.

Timmy Tomcat said...

Our Pops tries to keep anything we can swallow out of reach or removed from the area. Whenever we get a new toy he will cut off the little bells. String is not in our home except the very heavy cord that we will not swallow.
One thing to watch in the kitchen, especially if you have a naughty kitty, hot water and similar. Our Rumpy pulled a towel and a hot pot spilled on him. It got Pops too but the Rumpus was burned on his back and has a scar. On that day he reached up as Pops was working at the counter and the space was about 6 inches. Now all towels are well back from the edge.
Rumpy is fine today but the ordeal taught this family a valuable lesson.
Timmy T

IBDKitties said...

How scary! I'm so glad Rumpy is okay. This is why I like doing this blog where everyone can add their own experiences and tips. These little buggers really do get into everything.

Anonymous said...


Safety is such an important part of taking care of kitties. Ozzy loves eating ribbon, plastic, string, paper receipts, everything! Some of his toys we get out and play with them only when we are with him, so he does not eat anything.

One scary thing that keeps happening is that my husband will open the coat closet to get his coat or opens the bedroom closet to put away his clothes and Ozzy goes into the closet and my husband shuts the door and walks away. I always locate Ozzy in the house before we leave to go somewhere (an indoor kitty only) and have been unable to find him a few times recently. I call Ozzy's name and run around the house and finally realize my husband shut him in a closet and he is unable to get out unless we open the door. Ozzy does not meow or cry from the closet, or if he does, I don't hear it. One time was when we were going out of town for the day with my husband sitting in the car waiting for me as I ran around looking for Ozzy. Boy, did he feel bad about Ozzy in the closet.

My pet sitter told me a story that one of her clients left the home and accidentally left the cat in the closet and the cat became stressed and upset trapped in the closet and had a heart attack and died. I hate to tell mention this, because it is so sad, but wanted to warn others about this.

Thanks so much for doing this blog on safety as it is something we must be aware of each day! When we are rushing around getting things done, we must remember all these wonderful tips!

IBDKitties said...

omg! So many horror stories. I'm glad you always check to find Ozzy before leaving. They sure keep us on our toes.